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4 Benefits of a Bundled Service Provider

Introduction to Bundled Service

When it comes to managing your restaurant, a fully bundled Fats-Oils-Grease [“FOG”] Management service provider can be a great asset and partner. A sole provider who can recycle your Used Cooking Oil, pump and service your Grease Trap and/or Interceptor, perform Line Jetting, Power Washing and conduct Hood and Vent Cleanings. A single bundled provider brings numerous benefits to the FOG Management arena where an individual service provider can’t compete. The benefits of utilizing a bundled service provider include their vast knowledge base of FOG Management services and necessities, a full scale and versatile equipment and fleet, a singular contact person and cost savings. 

Vast Knowledge Base of FOG Management 

Let's relate a strong service provider to a strong student. Just as a strong student would possess knowledge of all subjects like Math, Language, Science, Social Studies, a strong FOG Management service provider would be knowledgeable in all facets of managing Fats, Oils, and Grease. The more services a company can provide, the more knowledge they bring to the table. Being well versed in all the FOG Management fields is crucial to a well-rounded service provider. 

Full Scale and Versatile Equipment 

Each different service for FOG Management requires specific equipment such as vacuum trucks, dump trucks, hot water pressure washers, and pipe cameras to name a few. This is how a bundled-service provider would offer superior service over an individual service provider who many only have equipment to satisfy one piece of service. Their lack of versatile equipment means you may expect multiple service visits from your individual service providers instead of just one visit. For example, a bundled provider will have a vacuum truck with a built-in power washer and pipe camera scope, so if they are on a job and a customer needs to add on an additional service, it can be done immediately. A singular service provider would only have a standard Vacuum Truck. Full scale equipment increases efficiency in servicing, leading to better FOG Management of your restaurant. 

One Contact 

Building relationships is a key part of success. A bundled service provider gives a singular point of contact for all FOG Management activities. This provides ease of communication and a direct point of contact. One phone call away from any service needed to a trusted individual who has built a relationship with you and your restaurants. They would have the entire history of your service visits at their fingertips. With a bundled service provider, all of your FOG Management records are in a single place. Any regulatory or compliance records can be reproduced at a moment's notice. Ease of communication through a relationship built on trust and transparency is key to picking a FOG Management partner for your business. 

Cost Savings

Especially in this new Covid-19 world, cost savings is always on the top of a business owners mind. Besides discounts for bundling services, a bundled FOG management service company cuts costs through a few ways. Certified, cross-trained employees mean lower overhead for a service provider. Thus, the savings are passed on to the customer while still providing great service. This is also the case with versatility of equipment when servicing. Being able to send a single truck to perform all services saves time and money.

A FOG Management service provider with a broad knowledge base and versatile equipment will only be found in a bundled service provider. The ease of communication with a singular contact makes servicing and understanding your FOG Management practices simple and straightforward. Cutting costs, while ensuring quality service is extremely beneficial to any operation, both big and small.

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